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That's right, these stairs really were that far gone. They were so far gone in fact, that when I did a walk around to look at the four bedrooms, hallway and stairs that were supposed to be cleaned, my customer told me she had changed her mind and not to bother with the stairs anymore. When I asked why, she said her sister, an interior decorator told her there was no bringing them back.

My customer planned to have all the carpet in the hallway and on the stairs replaced. I didn't think it was that bad and told her it was worth at least cleaning one step and seeing how it came out. From there we would decide what the best course of action should be. At this point my customer decided to go run some errands and she would check out the stairs when she came back.

Now normally I would get all the vacuuming done before washing any carpets, which involves bringing in hoses from my van. Since I wanted to get the stairs done before she came back from the store, I decided to try the Green Mitt. So I went through the process and vacuumed the bottom step and then went over it thoroughly with the Green Mitt and the Clean Safe Products cleaning solution. These are the pictures of how it turned out.

When my customer came back she was shocked at how great the stairs looked and decided to have them all cleaned. Full disclosure, I did not clean the rest of the stairs with the Green Mitt, but had I, they would have come out just as nicely as they did with my $65,000 truck mount cleaning system.