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Recently a popular Mom blog reviewed our product and had some great things to say about us. Over 400 people entered to win along with 100 comments about the product! Check out her article on the Green Mitt System here.

Quick video showing how it works if you're still not sure

We're at Charlton Furniture showing you how safe the Green Mitt is on all types of fabrics

Customers $900 chair is restored using the Green Mitt. She was originally thinking about giving it away because it was so soiled!

Customer agreeing to use the Green Mitt Solution to clean her family room chair

This chair is pretty much beyond dirty when the customer uses the Green Mitt to try and see if there's any hope in restoring the fabric

Unbelievable results on a sofa soiled with dog oils (if you can get past the filming). The Green Mitt vs. professional hot water extraction with my 65K dollar truck mount cleaning system starts at 6 mins.

Client vows to never pay me to clean her upholstery any longer because now she can do it by herself and save money. She cleans her well used love seat and shares her feelings about the process.