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My name is Keith DiGregorio and I've been an Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certified (IICRC) professional carpet and upholstery cleaner since 1989. That's the year I started Alpine Cleaners and I have been the owner operator ever since. Before starting Alpine Cleaners I was working so much I couldn't spend any time with my wife and newborn son. Family was always important to me so I decided I needed to work for myself.

Fast forward to today and family is still a number one priority to me. Clean Safe Products is a business started by my son and I, and although he is no longer a newborn, he's still someone I make time to hang out with. My 25 years in the professional carpet and upholstery industry has allowed me to perfect a way for you at home to not only breathe life into old, dirty furniture, but also maintain the brand new sectional you just spent a pretty penny on and keep it looking showroom clean for life.

We started this company because I know firsthand how expensive professional carpet and upholstery services can be. It just isn't feasible for some people to pay someone to come into their home and clean their carpets and all their furniture. The Green Mitt cleaning system not only relieves people of this financial stress, it gives them the ability to clean their own furniture on their own schedule. Your house is your home. You should be proud of your furniture and everything else inside your home. We want to provide you with a product that allows you to take care of all of your stuff and keep it looking, smelling and feeling like it did the day you bought it.