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How do I care for the Green Mitt?

Rinse it with hot water after use and let air dry. Never wash in washing machine

How much can I clean with the Green Mitt paired with the Clean Safe Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner?

You can expect to easily be able to clean everything in your living room- sofa, chair, love seat and ottoman; 16 TIMES. 2 ounces of the cleaner should be diluted with 1 gallon of water. That one gallon of cleaning solution will allow you to clean a tremendous amount of fabric.

How much does it typically cost to have a chair professionally cleaned and how much money am I saving by using the Green Mitt System?

It costs anywhere between $63-$90 for a professional chair cleaning. 1 quart of the Clean Safe Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner will make 16 gallons of the diluted mix you will use to clean with the Green Mitt. Each gallon of the diluted mix will be able to clean about 5 chairs. 16 gallons x 5 chairs = 80 chairs that you could clean with one bottle of the CSP Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner. Having 80 chairs professionally cleaned could cost you up to $7,200! The savings are enormous.

When should I use the extra spray bottle included in the kit?

The sprayer is used to pre condition soiled upholstery after vacuuming and before using the Green Mitt. It should be used always on carpet, sometimes on upholstery and never on drapes. Always pre test delicate upholstery pieces. Certain fabrics are sensitive so test fabric in an inconspicuous area.

Why do you recommend seasonal cleanings?

So you can keep your upholstery always clean. Seasonal cleanings are recommended as a benchmark. Heavily used items can be cleaned more often, lightly used items less often. You will not do any harm to your fabrics by cleaning more frequently, but you will cause permanent soiling by not cleaning often enough.

I'm concerned about cleaning my drapes. How should I proceed?

One of the biggest ways that I see draperies permanently damaged is by neglect. Frequent vacuuming is extremely important and is the first step to keeping draperies from permanent damage. Your draperies act like huge filters hanging on the walls and trap airborne soils. Leaving these soils on the the fabric causes premature staining, especially when considering the accelerating effects of heat and light from the sun. When using the Green Mitt, wring out as much moisture as possible. You should not see a color change because of a wetting reaction from the mitt when wiping your drapery material. Instead, the material should only be very lightly damp. A light sweeping motion is all that is needed to effectively transfer soils from drapery fabric into the microfibers in the Green Mitt. Do not use on silk.

Why is using soap free cleaning products an advantage?

Unlike detergents based cleaners, Clean Safe Products utilize a water soluble degreaser and soft water conditioner to soften and brighten fabrics and fibers. It provides superior cleaning results on tough spots, grease, soils, oil, ground in foods, etc. By chemically dissolving and penetrating soils to be efficiently removed with the Green Mitt. Because there are no residues, there are no resulting issues so common with detergents. Spots and stains do not bleed back and without detergent residues there are less allergens that build up on your fabrics.

Why is the company called Clean Safe Products?

More and more studies on health related issues raise the question of the relationship between cleaning products and safety. Eliminating exposure to volatile organic compounds and harsh cleaning chemicals means a safer clean. Our name, Clean Safe Products, reflects our commitment to this concern for human health.

Can I use this product on leather and suede?